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Vedanta and Kundalini

chakras vibrating with a glow Vedanta is necessary because neither reasoning nor books can show us God. He is only to be realized by superconscious perception, and Vedanta teaches us how to attain that - Swami Vivekananda. Vedanta deals with explanation of Consciousness. It is the derivation of scientific laws about Consciousness based on the experiences and knowledge of the Seers who have intuitively realized the Truth during their meditation and altered state of consciousness – Samadhi. Vedanta is the practice based on the combination of philosophy and science for realizing our real nature as Consciousness and treating everyone as a part of our own. It renders everything we perceive as divine!

What is Kundalini?

It is the flow of energy through the chakra stem. This energy maintains the soul from birth to usually puberty when the chakra centers begin to open and prepare the soul and physical body for the work to be done in this life. In order for the soul to begin its work on karma or spiritual lessons, the chakra that is associated with that energy must be open and ready to join in the process. There are exceptions for karmic reasons of course, but for most people the Kundalini isn't ready to open until the physical body has developed and progressed to the point of puberty.