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Chakra Table

Chakras Sanskrit Names  (click them) Body Centers          colors Glow color Literal Translations       Wavelengths
Chakra 7  Sahasrara
Violet White Thousand Petaled -
Chakra 6 Ajna Third eye Indigo Violet Austerity 4100x10-8cm
Chakra 5 Vishuddhi Throat Blue Blue Pure 4700x10-8cm
Chakra 4 Anahata Heart Green Green No constraint 5300x10-8cm
Chakra 3 Manipura Solar Plexus Yellow Yellow City of Gems 5900x10-8cm
Chakra 2 Swadisthana Spleen Orange Orange Place of 'Self' 6100x10-8cm
Chakra 1 Muladhara Spinal base Red Red Foundation 6700x10-8cm

Pineal (Crown)
Located at the top of the head. Also known as the"crown chakra" it represents the beginning. The connection to the cosmic consciousness. The fastest spinning center, this chakra vibrates the brightest white light.

Located between the brow, in the center of the forehead. Also known as the location of the "third eye", this chakra is considered to be the gateway to the higher self. Where you receive your spiritual communications. It reflects the oneness of spirit with oneness of life. This chakra vibrates with a violet glow.

Located in the throat. This chakra represents the Will center. It is the coming together of the higher and lower chakras. It is the source where spiritual will blends with physical choices. This chakra vibrates with a blue glow.

Located in the center of the chest, next to the heart. Also called the heart chakra, it synthesizes the spiritual and physical natures in harmony and love. The center of unconditional love. This chakra vibrates with a green glow.

Solar Plexus
Located where the rib cage meets at the bottom. It represents the creative center, where  transition takes form and shape. This center fosters the co-creation with the soul and helps the physical body manifest issues, situations and so on. This chakra vibrates with a bright yellow glow.

Located below and to the left of the solar plexus, the Spleen chakra is the rejuvenation center. It helps the spiritual body heal itself after a karmic lesson has been successfully resolved, or when too much energy is put out to others or to a situation. Like the Pancreas center, this chakra vibrates an orange glow.

Located at the base of the spine, at the cervix. The last and slowest spinning chakra, this center governs security and the grounding of energies. When the Kundilini energy first opens the spiritual body, it begins here. This chakra center vibrates with a red glow.

The upper chakras (from the solar plexus up) are the perennial chakras that progress through each physical embodiment. The energy centers hold the memories, the talents and the past knowledge of all your previous lifetimes. The lower chakras are the annual centers. These chakras are re-created with each embodiment.