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the seven main chakrasThe word chakra means spinning wheel in sanskrit. There are seven main chakras. They are invisible to the human eye. They can be described as energy portals, places where energy can enter the human body. The chakra system is an active, self-perpetuating spiral. 

Chakras can be seen as the link between the physical nervous system in the human body and the non-material universal energy present everywhere in the universe. Chakras form the connecting link that allows this non-material universal energy to enter the material physical body. This energy will then be carried by the nervous system to places where it is most needed.

They form an integral part of the body's energy and nervous system but are not visible to the naked eye, even through a microscope. Chakras exist in the realm lying between the physical and the non-physical. Their function is to transform non-material universal energy into physical energy and help natural healing process.

When performing chakra therapy, or universal energy transfer, it is important to know the function of each chakra.

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents an unusually powerful source of energy and power.

The second chakra regulates and enhances the physical strength of the body, as well as the internal energy of the human being. It is connected to the sexual organs and the bladder. 

The third chakra is located on the spine at the level of the navel. It regulates everything that pertains to digestion, excretion and the production of blood for the body.

The fourth chakra is located on the spine at the level of the heart. It pertains to the soul - mercy, compassion, purity, and nobility of soul, absolute goodness, tolerance, forgiveness, and especially the endless love that embraces the universe. 

The fifth chakra deals with the respiratory system, nose, lungs, throat and skin. In fact it is connected to all those organs that are in contact with the air. It is located on the spine at about the same level as the Adam's apple.

The sixth chakra is often referred to as the third or divine eye. It is located in the middle of the forehead, about one centimeter above the middle point of the eyebrows. If properly developed in a person this chakra can be used in transferring energy to any point in the universe.

The seventh chakra is found at the top most point of the head. It is the chakra that is used when there are problems with the nervous system as a whole and is an important chakra when one needs to increase a body's general energy level. A well-developed seventh chakra is an indication that someone has reached a very high level of spirituality.